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  • 90 chapters
    • Action
    • Fantasy

    “He's been spat upon by everyone who was supposed to care about him but that just fills him with a determination to succeed!”

    In the land of the Nine Dragons, a person’s strength is dictated by their bloodline. Betrayed by his relatives, his own fiancé, and hated by his peers, Jiang Ting is relentlessly bullied due to his weak bloodline. With the help of his ancestors, however, he vows to become stronger and make those bullies pay! Adapted from the novel of the same name written by Chan Jian.

  • 80 chapters
    • Romance
    • Fantasy

    “Hello, it's nice to meet you - I want my engagement broken off ASAP!”

    Fuyuhina, the princess of a small southern country, travels thousands of miles alone to a foreign land with a single goal in mind: breaking off her engagement with her fiancé, the Great Lord of the Northern Territory! His name is Rin Mataka, and he’s horrendously cruel and arrogant. After she arrives, however, her fiancé is overthrown and cursed to remain in the form of a small child. Taking pity on his now considerably weaker state, Fuyuhina pledges to help him reclaim his throne and to gain power once more.

  • 51 chapters
    • Romance
    • Drama

    “A ruined reputation means the end of your career in the acting world, but she's set out to prove them all wrong!”

    Suxing was a world-renowned actress before she was framed and implicated in bogus scandals that ruined her reputation. Since then, it’s been one tragedy after another: her boyfriend cheats on her, her family breaks apart, and her friends betray her. Despite losing everything, though, she vows to start again and claw her way back up from rock bottom. Along the way, she discovers the truth behind the scandals and takes revenge on everyone who wronged her!