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  • Chapters83
    • Comedy
    • Mystery

    “What's more terrifying than ghosts is humanity's dark side.”

    Qian Xi, a college student in desperate need of money, applies for a job at a mysterious museum. The curator is just as mysterious and wildly eccentric to boot. Together, they uncover the nightmares that lurk behind the dusty objects in the museum’s collection. However, no nightmare can compare to the dark side of human nature.

  • Chapters102
    • School Life
    • Romance

    “I thought he was just a good friend, but lately my heart is telling me otherwise...”

    Su Ye never thought of her perfect childhood friend Zheng Shu in a romantic way until recently. Normally standoffish and introverted, she isn't sure what to do with these unfamiliar feelings. Even when they hang out like they always do, it doesn't feel the same anymore... For now, all Su Ye can do is try to become better at communicating with people!

  • Chapters82
    • Drama
    • Mystery

    “How much will you sacrifice for beauty?”

    In a world that prioritizes beauty over talent, people look down on Yi Rong for her less-than-stellar appearance. One day, she comes across a mysterious app called "Facelift Game" and discovers that when she modifies a photo of her face through the app, the changes also apply to her in real life! She'll be able to maintain her newfound beauty if she completes tasks assigned to her on the app, but the more tasks Yi Rong takes on, the more dangerous they seem to get...

  • Chapters83
    • Romance
    • Comedy

    “A hot guy appeared in my room one day, and he's drawn to me like a moth to a flame!”

    Meet Miao Xiaofan, a seemingly ordinary high school girl who prefers to blend in with her surroundings. There's something not-so-ordinary about her, though: her family comes from a long line of witches that specialize in insect taming, and bugs just won't leave her alone! She thinks nothing of it until she finds a gorgeous, naked man in her house, who turns out to be an artificial human created from a moth?! A love story between a fledgling witch and an adorable moth boy!

  • Chapters90
    • Action
    • Fantasy

    “He's been spat upon by everyone who was supposed to care about him but that just fills him with a determination to succeed!”

    In the land of the Nine Dragons, a person’s strength is dictated by their bloodline. Betrayed by his relatives, his own fiancé, and hated by his peers, Jiang Ting is relentlessly bullied due to his weak bloodline. With the help of his ancestors, however, he vows to become stronger and make those bullies pay! Adapted from the novel of the same name written by Chan Jian.