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  • 20 chapters
    • Romance
    • Fantasy

    “Since then the two became connected to each other, and she tries to find out about her past”

    The sudden appearance of the amnesiac witch, Nyx, has brought a lot of changes to Ren Xi's life. They look out for each other and help each other grow. The spark of chemistry between them has quietly initiated. What Ren Xi wants is to help Nyx retrieve her lost memories. In the process, they discover an astonishing secret...

  • 15 chapters
    • Romance

    “What happened that day was their worst nightmare... Escape, murder and love is their story...”

    What happened that day was their worst nightmare... A boy escaped from home with his adopted younger sister. From then on, they were known as the children of a murderer and depended on each other to live. Growing up with each other's company, the two start harboring feelings for each other on someday that nobody ever knew...