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  • Chapters139
    • Action

    “Shi Yixuan, a village boy, finds out that he's a prince of the Void Clan living in an illusive world”

    A disaster struck without a warning. Was it deliberately planned, or was it simply by mistake? Schemes and conspiracies intertwined to conceal the truth... As his secret past was revealed, the protagonist determined to become the supreme. On his journey of gaining power, he must make his sacrifice and undergo hardships known to no others. Let’s see how an underdog makes a great difference to the world.

  • Chapters98
    • Romance
    • Drama

    “Raina Annie is treated poorly by her family, but she still has a good and kind heart”

    Being punished and humiliated by her family, Rain Zhang feels despair thinking about the rest of her life. One day, she saves Aiden Gu’s son, and the little boy starts to get attached to her, even wanting her to become his mother?! How will a cute little boy and his domineering CEO daddy save our ‘Cinderella” from her strict grandmother and evil sister?

  • Chapters31
    • Drama
    • Action

    “Yup! Just as slow as I thought.”

    After retiring from public fighting and getting fired from underground fighting, 27 year old Tenma Nozomi's zest for life is gradually dwindling away. It's hard to be at the bottom with nowhere to go, and that's exactly where she and her two friends are. However, Nozomi hits upon an idea that may just solve all of their problems: they could make their own underground fighting circuit for women, and tap into an underexplored market. As good as that sounds, her insistence on including the unknown quantity Hongou Hina may prove to be more than she bargained for...

  • Chapters58
    • Fantasy

    “Can our heroine be able to change the fate others have chosen for her?”

    A girl passing as a boy, fourteen-year-old Kira is left to fend for herself alone in this world. During a crucial turning point in her life, she makes a pact with a mystical entity in return for a male voice; this grants her to step into a bigger world by becoming a servant to a grand noble. From a commoner to a page boy, to a knight that leads others to battle, Kira matures through enduring agony and education. However, she's a mere pawn, an expendable being in the chess match between powerful men without any control over her own destiny. With no one to count on, can our heroine be able to change the fate others have chosen for her?

  • Chapters83
    • Action

    “Heh... I've been itching to go on a journey. And you should at least be able to carry my spear!”

    A year has passed since the legendary Battle of Sekigahara. Now, under the Tokugawa Shogunate, all is peace in the Land of the Rising Sun. But the dashingly arrogant Maeda Keiji is finding this new world without war to be, well, pretty dull.

  • Chapters55
    • Drama
    • Mystery

    “Please let me still be your mom!!”

    On the surface, Ryota Miki, a middle schooler, seems to get along with his adoptive mother. But behind the scenes, she's terrified of her son's every move, and for good reason—he's secretly keeping track of her every mistake. Meanwhile, his classmate Kaoru Kasai is fed up with his helicopter mom, believing that she's the reason for his bullying. One day, Ryota saves Kaoru, and a troublesome friendship is born. Read this psycho-suspense about a boy obsessed with finding the perfect mother!

  • Chapters218
    • Drama
    • Action

    “Welcome to "81 Questions, Do or Die."”

    It's the year 2030, and the end of the world has come. The lone survivors are controlled by an app named “81 Fatal Questions." After answering questions and clearing dungeons, survivors get rewarded through the app. Only by competing against Death will the ultimate winners will have a chance to survive. Thankfully, our genius heroine has had a “bad luck debuff” all her life. Can she and her comrades survive until the end?

  • Chapters50
    • Comedy
    • Isekai

    “Let’s live a slow life in an Isekai inn!”

    In modern-day Japan, Yadoya Kenta is the typical burned-out employee of an exploitative company. It’s to no surprise when he dies from overwork one day, but when he wakes up, he finds himself as the Hero of--wait, that’s not it. Uh… he finds himself reincarnated as Tory, the son of two innkeepers in the fantasy town of Rubella! This time, Tory will make sure that he lives a leisurely life where he only works in moderation! Surrounded by a kind family and lively customers, he aims to enjoy a relaxed, slow-paced lifestyle as the son of innkeepers! A relaxed, easy-going fantasy!

  • Chapters206
    • Romance

    “One single needle will make him submit!”

    The only heir of the Heavenly Doctor Divine Needle Sect has been given a second chance at life! Yes, her clothes are blood-stained; yes, she’s horribly disfigured; and yes, she’s going to have to face off against the most elite member of the dynasty who’s also her ex-husband. But this time, she’s got the resolve and a plan. With her terrifying poison knowledge, she’s going to make him submit to her will. And after she does that? She’s going to help him take over the world.

  • Chapters114
    • Romance

    “Your majesty. Do you like sneaking into my room in the middle of the night?”

    Politics, backstabbing, and power struggles led to Zhu Qi’s early demise. Now she has a second chance at another life. Long Feili knows there isn’t a moment to waste, and risks everything to dote on her, kill for her, and save her. But will events play out the same way? And on the very night she was last executed, will the two be able to instead find their happily ever after?