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  • 35 chapters
    • Romance

    “A president seeking revenge X the substitute bride, who will be the one to fall in this mismatched marriage?”

    June Qin was forced to marry an idiot on her cousin's behalf in order to help her aunt repay an enormous debt. Who would've thought the idiot's older brother would be the one to appear at the wedding ceremony. He was the third generation heir to the Zong Family, Michael Zong. "You're finally in my hands, I won't let you go." Michael Zong forcibly married his younger brother's fiancee in order to take revenge against the humiliation he faced when he was a kid. Who will be the first to fall in this mismatched marriage, and how will this preposterous beginning come to a satisfactory end?!

  • 35 chapters

    “Marriage before love, the devil president VS the rebellious girl.”

    Xia Weiyi's chivalrous dreamlover proposed to her obnoxious step-sister. In a pit of temper, Weiyi married her childhood sweetheart Gu Yiran - a decision she regretted to make immediately... "Gu Yiran, that was a mistake! I want a divorce!" "It's too late. Now that I've got a hold of you, I'll never let you go!" The girl who wanted to run away didn't expect that she would slowly fall into the sweep trap this scheming president wove.

  • 30 chapters
    • Romance

    “A love story begins with an accident. Perhaps their love has been written in the stars from the first time they met.”

    For the first time they met, she jumped out at him. For the second time they met, she forgot about him? He was so pissed and said:"I think you need me to help you recall the passion you had towards me before." The third time they met, he said:", be my fiancee." He seems to be nice to her, but who knew if there were other intentions hidden before his sincerity? Eventually, she just couldn't stand it anymore, " want to divorce you." He smiled with a hint of evil:"You want to divorce me? That's not going to happen in this life!"

  • 40 chapters
    • Romance

    “A domineering yet over protective demon president, "I want you to stay with me until the day I get tired of you."”

    When she woke up, she lay on a strange bed! It turned out that she was sent to an "old man" as a scapegoat for her cousin. Unexpectedly, the "old man" was young and promising, with long legs and attractive appearance, and he was even the richest man in the world?! He pampered her, helped her get revenge and protected her no matter what came their ways. She said: You are so good to me, how can I repay you? He sad: Stay with me forever!

  • 94 chapters
    • Romance
    • Drama

    “I'm done with love - I'll never agree to a normal relationship ever again!”

    Having failed several times in her relationships, a desperate Mo Suqing ends up agreeing to a 3 year marriage contract with a man she met during a night of drinking. She signed the contract thinking he was just a normal man, but he turned out to be a rich CEO in charge of a huge enterprise...? Behind those countless deceptions and lies, how many secrets is he still hiding?