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  • Chapters224
    • Romance
    • Fantasy

    “On the day she transmigrated, she killed the male lead?!”

    A police officer is sucked into a historical fiction novel she finds during a raid. As her essence is transferred into the body of Ye Mu, a minor female character, the book uploads the entire plot into her brain and tells her that she needs Mo Linyuan to find a map that will help her escape this world. Thing is, both of them are children, and Mo Linyuan is a slave. For now, it’s time to train him into the emperor he will one day become so he can get her that darn map!

  • Chapters257
    • Romance
    • Comedy

    “Politics!? Enough with that, I just wanna live a lazy life!”

    Tragedy seems to follow Gong Yi Mo wherever she goes–she's reincarnated twice and died miserably both times! After a gruesome death that ends her second life, she finds herself in the body of a young neglected imperial princess. Having enough of the bothersome politics of court, she decides to take it easy this time around and live a carefree life. However, troubles arise when she meets the person who killed her in her past life... but he’s a child now! He's weak, still unaffected by the events that will shape his twisted personality in the future, and unbelievably clingy...