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  • 40 chapters
    • Romance

    “A domineering yet over protective demon president, "I want you to stay with me until the day I get tired of you."”

    When she woke up, she lay on a strange bed! It turned out that she was sent to an "old man" as a scapegoat for her cousin. Unexpectedly, the "old man" was young and promising, with long legs and attractive appearance, and he was even the richest man in the world?! He pampered her, helped her get revenge and protected her no matter what came their ways. She said: You are so good to me, how can I repay you? He sad: Stay with me forever!

  • 136 chapters
    • Romance
    • Action

    “So what if he's hit rock bottom? At least he's still alive.”

    At the peak of his power as a Demon King personally selected by the Ancient Demon Emperor, Zhuo Yifan was betrayed and murdered by his trusted followers out of jealousy. He didn't expect get a second chance at life through reincarnating! Resolving to start anew, Yifan found himself trapped by his heart demon and became a butler of a lady from a declining family. Now a humble butler, how will he get along with his “Miss Heart Demon”? Will he be able to drag this fallen family back to the top together with him?