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  • Chapters53
    • Romance
    • Comedy

    “Males in the Seryo household are bound to be luckless when it comes to women”

    Legend has it that males in the Seryo household are bound to be luckless when it comes to women. Masaki Seryo, a 15-year-old high school student, is a testament to this. As he hopes to leave his nagging female-dominated family behind and moves to the dorms, he falls into an even more baffling situation involving the same thing he's attempted to escape—women.

  • Chapters9
    • Action

    “Leo seeks for his son while being accompanied by a former imperial slave who had lost both her hands and feet”

    Country of East are known for their dictatorship and malicious human experiment towards the underground citizens, while the "Country of West" who speaks "democracy" are notorious for sending their people to the battlefield in the name of freedom. After two great wars that devastated both countries, another one will soon be enacted, which now also joined by several revolutionary armies. Our main character is Leo who seeks for his son while being accompanied by a former imperial slave who had lost both her hands and feet.

  • Chapters0
    • Romance

    “Secrets to...Pumpkins?”

    Every October, Masaka and her parents visit her grandparent’s house, and each year, they bring a small orange pumpkin with them. What Masaka looks forward to most is meeting her relative called Isuke. Masaka has a crush on Isuke and wishes she could play with him much more than just once a year. However, unknown to Masaka, there is a secret to Isuke and the pumpkin they bring each year.

  • Chapters1
    • Comedy
    • Slice of Life

    “It must be nice to be an android. Something you don’t know? Simply install it.”

    Masato isn’t an android, but his neighbor is, and he has been entrusted with looking after it. The android known as Koto Nakahara appears to be almost identical to a human, but if she goes without water, her fuel source, for too long… she could explode! With tests looming over, will Masato be able to study for his exams and be able to keep an eye on Koto the android?

  • Chapters12
    • Romance
    • Action

    “A human can’t choose their ideal body.”

    A memory that had been carved in the flesh would not vanish no matter how much we tried to alter it. A newcomer thus arrived in the town, bringing a gun that could swap people’s bodies. The fierce but full of smile adventurer walk with a secret quest—to find the original body that was taken by his wife.

  • Chapters11
    • Drama
    • Mystery

    “Since the earth invasion 20 years ago, co-existence between human beings and aliens were established in this country.”

    ICPO, an institution with a mission to prevent violent crime happening in the invaded nation is the main protagonist of this full-colored Sci-fi human drama. Together with Roy, the former New York police officer, and the serious alien Leonardo, Rika, a new Japanese investigator confronting the crime organization in the bizarre but thrilling “Different Nation,” which past-name we already knew.

  • Chapters5
    • Fantasy
    • Slice of Life

    “The star that acts as the boundary between worlds”

    Welcome to "Fermata," a star that acts as the boundary between worlds. Sometimes a dead soul on the earth will come to this planet. Freshly coming from her death, Mirako now began her extraordinary second life with Nico, a cheerful and kind girl, who has been observing Mariko's fate all this time.

  • Chapters24
    • Romance
    • Comedy

    “Welcome! Hand-crafted cute little things are the specialty of Chima-san’s shop!”

    Welcome! Hand-crafted cute little things are the specialty of Chima-san’s shop! Although the owner might be a little strange, Toriko cannot hold herself to come back. Along with other lively customers, what kind of wonderful encounters will she have here? Will Toriko’s dream to open her own shop got realized?

  • Chapters26
    • Slice of Life

    “The creatures of the forest still remember her...”

    Chika Ono spent most of her life in the city, but due to her mother being sent overseas for work, she goes to live in the countryside with her father for a year. After finally returning to the place she sent the first few years of her life, she soon realizes she can see the spirits and mystical creatures of the forest. The memories of when she lived in the forest are still hazy, but the creatures of the forest still remember her. Will Chika be able to uncover the secrets of the forest and her forgotten memories?

  • Chapters42
    • Action
    • Fantasy

    “Kazan and his Grandpa are on a journey!”

    Kazan inherited his Keshin, Enma, from his grandfather Iwan and is determined to rid the world of all evil Keshin users. The evil group Aguru, was just that. They're collecting Keshin in order to take over the world, and Kazan is determined to stop it! Watch him collect friends along his way to defeat Aguru!