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  • 95 chapters
    • Action
    • Fantasy

    “Gender and physique don't matter. The one with the sharpest fangs, wins.”

    Nomoto meets a mysterious girl, Hitomi, and gets taken to a junkyard where those with nowhere to go gather. There, a dreadful fighting match called "Killing Bites" is held among "hybrids," beings who have the brains of a human combined with the fangs of a beast...

  • 10 chapters
    • Comedy
    • Slice of Life

    “Cooking for kids and stuff can't be that hard, right?”

    Sengoku Akira, a chiropractor, doesn't know the first thing about raising a child. But when his ex-girlfriend suddenly entrusts him with their daughter, Airi, he's thrust into the deep end. So he moves in with his friend Harumi Masahiro – a divorced manga editor with a young son of his own. In exchange for rent, Akira cooks all their meals. After all, how hard can it be?

  • 11 chapters
    • Drama
    • Action
    • Fantasy

    “A nightmare with no visible end. This is the story of her punishment.”

    Alice, the leader of a popular idol group, finds herself stranded in a dark forest brimming with evil. There, she meets "Heroines" — girls who battle to the death for their "happily ever after." Between Alice, Little Red Riding Hood, and Snow White, what bloody tale will these girls tell...?

  • 14 chapters
    • School Life
    • Comedy

    “I knew it... This kid's got a thing for armpits! There's something out there for everyone, huh?”

    Nozomi-kun is a middle school boy with an armpit fetish. One morning on the train, he spots Tsuyuno-chan, a high school girl who's a bit of an exhibitionist. Immediately entranced, he follows her to her basketball practice. But when she spots him, she decides it might not be so bad to just indulge him?!