Glimmer by King Productions 40 chapters Webtoon
  • Romance
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
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“I know what will happen if we let these feral cats be. And I have the power to prevent it!”

Witches, spells, cat familiars, and a top-tier school to learn it all. Everything a witch needs can be found in the city of Paloma. However, once a witch completes their task, they swiftly abandon their cat familiars, leaving them all alone. Dakota, a witch with fire elemental powers, feels for the lost, broken, and weak. How dare we just let these cats be?? So, she crafts a shelter named “Glimmer,” to act as a ray of hope for all the abandoned cats to stay until they find their new witch. Together, with her best friend Gwen, they set out to save the lost cats of Paloma and rehome them once more.

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