Walking in the Rain by 小野酵母 94 chapters
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  • School Life
  • Drama
  • BL
Walking in the Rain by 小野酵母 94 chapters Start
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“No matter what happens, I will always stand by your side!”

Handsome, yet impoverished, Xiyu gets scouted to become an idol. But the road to fame is never easy. One night, after a particularly successful concert, Xiyu gets stalked by crazed fans in a public restroom, and an altercation ensues. Unfortunately for Xiyu, a video of the incident—one that paints the fans in a sympathetic light—goes viral. But without the whole story, Xiyu gets canceled. Abandoned by his own agency, Xiyu is forced to go back to school. There, he gets shunned—even attacked—by his classmates. Will he be able to clear his own name? And even then, will the public accept the truth enough for him to make a comeback?

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