Comikey Officially Launches! A Humble Beginning

by Comikey
Comikey Highlighted Series

Welcome to Comikey!

The one-stop shop for reading official releases of comics online! We’re excited to announce the beta launch of our platform, and we hope you’re excited to see what we have on offer as well.

Comikey is a platform made for fans, by fans! Our focus is on hosting the largest catalogue of Comics from all over the world, specifically Manga, Manhua and Webtoon titles. Think of us as the official aggregate site for all things comics! What makes Comikey exciting is that we’re not just another rehosting platform/company. In fact, we’re a digital publisher ourselves, and we plan to license, localize and publish a whole host of unique and popular titles from multiple publishers from Japan, Korea and China!

Comikey’s focus is on the simultaneous publication (simulpub) of chapters and series. We aim to carry the largest simulpub catalogue of comics in the world, which allows fans like you to keep up with the latest chapters of your favorite series. 

Comikey will be launching with content from Kuaikan Manhua, providing an initial lineup of 20 localized series for our platform’s beta phase. All of our localized series are highly rated, having received hundreds of thousands of views in their original language as well as generated numerous positive reviews. Each series will have 25 chapters users can read for free, and all series will be updated with 5 new chapters every week.

Our platform will be having an exclusive promotion to celebrate our site’s launch. You will receive 5 Xtra Keys if you register immediately! Xtra Keys are time-limited free keys that can allow you to access locked chapters at no charge. To buy more Keys, you can visit here.

However, that’s not all! Stick around for our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT SECOND WEEK OF JULY! Where we will be sharing updates regarding our Manga selection on Comikey! 

Comikey’s lineup showcases our aim to localize content from a wide range of genres. Below are descriptions of some of our titles:

Reborn to be a Movie Queen

Gu Tianqing was murdered by her husband and her younger sister when she was five-months pregnant. Thrown back in time to before it all went wrong, she aims to get her revenge and become a top actor! But what’s with this man who came out of nowhere? He's known as the most impassive and cruel King of the movie industry, and he's strangely possessive over her...

One of the most popular titles on Kuaikan Manhua, Reborn to be a Movie Queen is a revenge story with elements of time travel. Filled with drama and intrigue, it has a plot that is sure to keep the reader on the edge of their seat with every chapter. Read it here.

Bloodline of Dragons

Adapted from the novel of the same name written by Chan Jian. In the land of the Nine Dragons, a person’s strength is dictated by their bloodline. Betrayed by his relatives, his own fianceé, and looked down upon by his fellow peers, Jiang Ting has been relentlessly bullied due to his lowly rank. With the help of his ancestors, however, he vows to cultivate his bloodline and make those bullies pay!

A hot-blooded action series packed with combat, Bloodline of Dragons is a cultivation story rooted in martial arts. It depicts a thrilling revenge story of a man exacting his vengeance on those who have wronged him. Read it here.

Embrace My Shadow

Because of a trade, she became the prey of the most powerful and dangerous man in Dongling. During the day, she lives the life of a normal girl. During the night, however... that's when she falls under his control. He pinched her chin, smiling intimidatingly and said: “I own all of Dongling City. Where do you think you can hide?”

With every chapter receiving thousands of likes, Embrace My Shadow is a heart-pounding romance that depicts the blooming of a passionate relationship between an innocent girl and a mysteriously charismatic man. Read it here.

The God Devourer

Despite having once lost his parents and half his limbs in a car accident, Bei Ming still retains a desire to live life to its fullest. After defending his childhood friend from some thugs, he ends up in the hospital once again, but when he wakes up he suddenly finds a hot-tempered dog demon sitting beside him!? His name is Xiao Tan, and due to some unusual circumstances his spirit has melded together with Bei Ming’s. Chained to this new, unfamiliar presence, the two now have to work together in order to understand how and why this has happened.

A supernatural story depicting battles between gods, demons, and humans, The God Devourer is a story about never giving up despite the circumstances working against you. Read it here.

Devouring Realm

Qiu Lin ended up losing all of his dearest friends and comrades due to mistakes that he had made throughout his life. With his last breath he decides to honor their memory by sacrificing himself to destroy his enemies once and for all, but suddenly finds himself thrown back in time - back to when all his friends were alive and well. Now blessed with an opportunity to rectify his past mistakes, Qiu Lin vows to make up for what he has done and fight till his last breath.

Devouring Realm is a story of redemption, of going back in time and making amends by doing it all over again. Read it here.

Make sure to be one of the first users on our platform by registering now! Sign up is absolutely free and you receive 5 Xtra Keys immediately upon creation of your account.

Hope to see you all there.