Free Manhua, Week 10

by Comikey

Free week continues, with three series from Kuaikan that you can read for absolutely free until Monday (6/27/2022).

The Devil Butler by YeXiao, HongShu | WUER COMIC

“So what if he's hit rock bottom? At least he's still alive.”

At the height of his power as the Devil King, Zhuo Yifan is betrayed and murdered by his only disciple out of jealousy. However, he gets a second chance at life when he reincarnates into the body of a dying servant. Just as he resolves to start anew, he realizes that he’s trapped by the dying wish of his new body, and is thus forced to become the butler to a lady of a declining house. Will his strength and ambition be enough to drag both himself and this fallen family back to the top?

Urban Prince and the Amazon Girl by TianJiYanJia/Kuaikan Comics

“A young master is entrusted with a girl from the most primitive tribe for a make-over.”

An arrogant rich young master is entrusted by his grandfather to give a girl from the most primitive tribe a make-over. As the tribe girl tries to fit into the civilized world, the cool young master becomes enchanted by her...

Bloodline of Dragons by Dramatic Frames, Da Tang Zhong Wen Wang, ChanJian

“He's been spat upon by everyone who was supposed to care about him but that just fills him with a determination to succeed!”

In the land of the Nine Dragons, a person’s strength is dictated by their bloodline. Betrayed by his relatives, his own fiancé, and hated by his peers, Jiang Ting is relentlessly bullied due to his weak bloodline. With the help of his ancestors, however, he vows to become stronger and make those bullies pay! Adapted from the novel of the same name written by Chan Jian.

Remember, these comics will be free for one week only, and then will go back to being locked. So be sure to read while you can!

So stay tuned for more—and happy reading!