Free Manhua, Week 7

by Comikey

It's mid week but we're still giving out free Webcomics! Read these 3 series for absolutely free until Monday (6/06/2022)

Statue by Ke Xiao

“The spirit of enmity appears again?! The female lead is walking towards the abyss of revenge...”

Fine arts student Ye Limei falls into a coma after gathering mud for her sculptures. When she awakes, something feels off, and eerie things start happening around her... By the time she realizes that a vengeful spirit has possessed her, all she can think about is using her newfound powers to kill those she has long held a grudge against. Slowly, her mind is consumed by hatred...

Real-Life Horror Stories by Z.L.S.Q

“Every episode will trigger a chill running down your spine...”

Experience horrifying tales, with each story based deep on the ideas of folklore.

Each new tale is not only guaranteed to frighten, but it also exposes the darker sides of humanity.

The Rising of the Strongest Woman by Menghuage, Kuaikan Comics

“The world’s strongest fighter must face his greatest battle yet: being a female fighter in high school!?”

Troy Qi was a young MMA world champion, crowned the strongest man in the world after a career-defining match. But his reign abruptly ends after he saves the life of troubled high school student Tori He, as she accidentally falls from a rooftop balcony. When Troy awakens, he finds that he died... and his soul has transferred into Tori's body! Now the world's strongest fighter must face his greatest battle yet: being a female fighter in high school.

Remember, these comics will be free for one week only, and then will go back to being locked. So be sure to read while you can!

So stay tuned for more—and happy reading!