by Comikey

Happy June, and happy Pride Month for all who celebrate! Free week continues, with three series from Kuaikan that you can read for absolutely free until Monday (6/13/2022).

The God Devourer by Rose Studio

“A boy and his dog work together to save the universe! Well, said dog is actually a legendary demon...”

Although he lost his parents and half his limbs in a car accident, Bei Ming is determined to live life to its fullest. After defending his childhood friend from some thugs, he wakes up in a hospital bed... which is normal enough, until he sees a hot-tempered dog demon sitting beside him! His name is Xiao Tan, and their spirits have somehow merged. Chained to one another, the two now have to work together in order to understand how and why this happened. And what they're going to do about it...

Once More by Hanxu

“It's a battle between brains and brawn in this teacher-teacher romance!”

Back in high school, Xun An and Yang Muli’s relationship fizzled out before it even had a chance to begin. After graduating college, they reunite back at their old high school, but this time as teachers. As they rekindle their long-lost affection for one another, secrets from their days as high schoolers also begin to emerge... A love story between a gifted, but devious math teacher and a passionate, but hotheaded PE teacher.

Blood-drinking Always Works by FEIXIAOYUE/Kuaikan Comics

“Accidentally saved by a vampire hunter she finds that he is actually a vampire?!”

To find the truth behind her brother's death, young girl Chu Ye is accidentally involved in a fantastic world of oil painting, in a world ruled by vampires, humans are nothing but meals. Accidentally saved by the vampire hunter Edward, Chu Ye finds that he is actually a vampire?! Then why does he stand by humans' side? Why is Chu Ye's brother missing? This is a different love story between a human and a vampire!

Remember, these comics will be free for one week only, and then will go back to being locked. So be sure to read while you can!

So stay tuned for more—and happy reading!