Introducing: Seven New Comics from SanFu and Kuaikan!

by Comikey

We’re so excited to bring you seven new series. Three series come from our brand-new partnership with Chinese-based publisher, SanFu Comics, and four new series from Kuaikan. We’ll be releasing one series per day. The schedule is as follows below!

The Silent Concubine

Summary: “You are the one I care for, not your gender!”

The Prince Commander of the North has a crush on the daughter of the Shen family and wants to take their daughter as a concubine. In order to give his adoptive mother a better life in her old age, the mute servant Shen Yu conceals his gender and takes the daughter’s place as concubine. But Shen Yu is afraid that once his identity is revealed, he’ll be executed. To his surprise and relief, he only attracts the attention of the Prince even more...

By: Qiang Tang, Bai Li Jun Xi
Publisher: Kuaikan
Genre: Historical, Drama, Romance, BL
Release date: 6/6/2022

Reborn: My Gentle Tyrant

Summary: Politics, backstabbing, and power struggles led to Zhu Qi’s early demise. Now she has a second chance at another life. Long Feili knows there isn’t a moment to waste, and risks everything to dote on her, kill for her, and save her. But will events play out the same way? And on the very night she was last executed, will the two be able to instead find their happily ever after?

By: SanFu Comics
Publisher: SanFu Comics
Genre: Historical, Transmigration, Xuanhuan
Release date: 6/7/2022

I Became a Scientist's Romance Guinea Pig


“Hey, can you put more effort into wooing girls? While your IQ is high, can your EQ get any lower? If it wasn’t because you were handsome, hmph!” 

Chronically single Bai DuoDuo sneaks a picture in a seminar. Little does she know, that picture gets her into a whole world of trouble. Now, she’s being forced to marry a tall, handsome, and well-off scientist. However, the more she looks at him the more she dislikes him. 

By: SanFu Comics
Publisher: SanFu Comics
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Release date: 6/8/2022

Conspiracy of Love

Summary: In order to exact vengeance, she gave her body to Sheng Yun. She thought this strategy would give her the revenge she wanted. Little does she know that he’s also plotting against her. When the two accidentally fall for each other, everything changes. One mistake, and everything can fall apart. Is revenge really that important?

By: SanFu Comics
Publisher: SanFu Comics
Genre: Romance, Drama
Release date: 6/9/2022

Ogus's Law

Summary: Su Yuan is a poor college student with a unique scent who’s just accidentally enrolled at Ogus Academy. However, this institution was actually established for the protection of monsters, demons, and beasts. Thus, the physically weaker humans form a partnership with the monsters, called PAL, to ensure their own protection. This is key because, with Su Yuan’s unique scent, he’ll need extra special protection from the dangerous situations that often befall him. That is, at least, until he rescues a certain blood-soaked fox…

By: Shi Yi Ball
Publisher: Kuaikan
Genre: School Life, Comedy, Romance, BL, Supernatural
Alternate Title: Monstrous Heart
Release date: 6/10/2022

Entertainment Comes First

Summary: When they first meet, this powerful, but private CEO finds his romantic rival in a good-looking young actor with a rich background. But their paths take a peculiar turn. Privately, they’re forced to start a fake relationship. Publically, they are the new “IT couple” under the spotlight. Will they develop real feelings for each other? And what will become of the strange shadow of conspiracy and danger that seems to follow them everywhere they go?

Publisher: Kuaikan
Genre: BL, Romance
Release date: 6/11/2022

Mermaid's Egg

Summary: "This tribe is so scary, I can only rely on the merman to save my life..."

After a plane crash, the young master of a rich family finds himself marooned on a deserted island. But he’s not completely alone! He’s accidentally resurrected a merman. However... this is no ordinary merman. He’s the high priest of the indigenous tribe, and he forces our young master to hatch an egg?! 

By: TANG Shi Wan
Publisher: Kuaikan
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, BL
Release date: 6/12/2022

Stay tuned for more comics coming soon!