Our Top Five LGBTQ+ Comics to Read Right Now

by Comikey

Happy Pride month to all who celebrate! Whether you’re looking for BL or GL; workplace romance or historical; wholesome, or drama; we’ve got a little bit of everything.
Here are our top five LGBTQ+ recommendations to help quench your reading thirst for Pride month! 

 5. I Will Never Be Into You Again

Summary: After Xiao Qing walks in on Qiao Yu, his boyfriend of ten years, with another man, he storms out. In a sad twist of fate, Qing meets his end then and there and is sent back in time to a period before he and Yu started dating. Now, he is set on choosing a different path… one without Yu in it. But will Qing’s feelings for his ex only get stronger as he’s forced to relive the beginnings of their relationship once more?

Starting off strong, this story certainly has a flair for the dramatics! Filled with heartbreak and tension, I Will Never Be Into You Again is a must-read for the not-so-faint of heart. What would you do if you had the chance to completely rewrite your entire life? 

Genres: BL, Drama

4. She Is Also Cute Today

Summary: As the school's top student, Cang Shu is always asked about her personal life, even though all she does is study. One day, Shu lies and says that she’s into Qi Lin, a degenerate from a different class. Unexpectedly for Shu, Lin overhears, and confesses her feelings on the spot! Watch as Lin helps Shu realize her feelings, and melts her icy heart!

Taking our fourth spot, She Is Also Cute Today is the friends-to-lovers GL that you never knew you needed! …Or maybe you did? Either way, this adorable love story is bound to give you all the feels!

Genres: GL, Comedy, School Life

3. Place of Her Way

Summary: Set to inherit a martial arts dojo, Xiang Xiaoman is a girl that’s seen as cooler than most guys! Sick of the overly-masculine image people have of her, she decides that transferring schools is the best way to start over. At her new school, she finds her crush and confesses her feelings to him. What she didn't expect was to be misgendered by the entire school… and her crush! Despite this, Xiaoman is determined to be with the man of her dreams, but once he finds out who she really is, will he feel the same way?

Coming in at number three, Place of Her Way is a beautiful gender-bending story. 

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Gender-bending

2. Precise Strikes

Summary: The talented, but apathetic billiard player Qiu Ning typically spends his days plodding around his pool hall. But when he faces his first loss at the hands of pro snooker player Cheng Haiyan, Qiu Ning decides to join Cheng Haiyan’s snooker club. Cheng Haiyan, on the other hand, is shocked by Qiu Ning’s extraordinary talent. And thus, a bitter rivalry begins—but will their rivalry foment respect, and then love?

Number two in this list, but never in our hearts—Precise Strikes is absolutely hilarious and heartwarming! Watch as these enemies turn into lovers in the best way possible! 

Genres: BL, Romance, Sports

1.  Evenly Matched Love

Summary: In a world where magic, space travel, and male pregnancy are real, Mu Yushen is the personal guard to the noble Master Aslan. However, everything changes when they form a secret romantic relationship, and get caught. Yushen is granted an honorable discharge, and then finds out that he is pregnant! Five years later, Yushen is living a not-so-normal life with his twin sons, when Aslan comes back into the picture… with no memory of Yushen, or understanding as to why the boys look like him. 

So new, and SO great! The tension is palpable, and every chapter leaves us waiting with bated breath for the next. 

Genres: BL, Romance, Drama

And take a look at our BL and GL titles for more great comics. Thanks, and happy reading!