Free Manhua, Week 13

by Comikey

Free week continues, with three series from Kuaikan that you can read for absolutely free until Monday (07/18/2022).

Cinderella at Midnight by liz, Kuaikan Comics

“An independent and strong urban Cinderella. Cinderella does not need a prince to save, and can live the best life.”

After her boyfriend dumps her for being "too independent", Ruila vows to show him that she can live without a man in her life. She moves to a new city by herself, sets up her own photography studio by herself, eats by herself, watches movies by herself, does everything by herself... Turns out being alone all the time isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and she feels the ache of loneliness. It’s decided: this year, she’s getting herself a boyfriend!

The Lady and the Lion by Ranpo.Y, J.N.Gigabit

“All is not fair in love and war.”

All is decidedly not fair in love and war. Meet Hilna, a vivacious princess of the Western Empire who takes a liking to Latio, a prince taken hostage from the Northern Kingdom. As they spend more and more time together, their hearts grow closer. However, a king from another empire has his eye set on Hilna, too. Thus begins a love triangle that will decide the fate of three kingdoms, one where all-out war is constantly a hair’s breath away, and one that will force them to choose between love and responsibility.

The Spirit Queen by TUTU+Kuaikan Comics

“I have the ability to foresee the future. But, because of that, I must struggle to survive.”

What price must she pay to achieve absolute power? Is it being misunderstood and rejected by others, being labeled as evil, or killing the beloved one? As a descendant of the Spirit Clan, she has the ability to foresee the future. Let's see how she learns to survive in the palace with the counterattacks and becomes the queen crowned with glory.

Remember, these comics will be free for one week only, and then will go back to being locked. So be sure to read while you can!

So stay tuned for more—and happy reading!