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Removal of Reddit SSO

by Comikey

Hello dear users!

Due to lack of use/interest, we will be removing Reddit as an option for SSO on Comikey. If you are currently using Reddit to sign in to Comikey, don't worry! You have plenty of choices to keep using your account.

Here are some optio…

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Free Manhua, Week 1

by Comikey

Hi friends—you’ve asked for it, and now we’re making it happen. We’re bringing you free manhua, every week from Kuaikan Comics!

Here’s a quick sample of the first week.

Facelift Game by JIN QIU

“How much will you sacrifice for beauty?”

In a world …

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NEW: 10 Boys’ Love series now on Comikey!

by Comikey

BL lovers, rejoice! We’re so excited to announce the launch of ten new Boys’ Love (BL) series on our platform—for the first time ever!

New BL series you can read NOW on our website:

  • I Will Never Be Into You Again
  • Love in …
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