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  • 17 chapters
    • Romance
    • Drama

    “You’re that nanashi, right?! Then you should take this game seriously!”

    With the username "nanashi," Fumiya Tomozaki is the number one player in Japan in the online game "Attack Family," also known as "Tackfam." Despite having such a prestigious title, he struggles in high school due to a lack of social skills. He blames the perplexing mechanics and unjust rules of life for his lack of friends, forcing him to give up and consider himself the lowest-tier character in the "game." Fumiya was surprised to learn the identity of the number two Tackfam player after a fateful encounter—a popular, clever, and outgoing female classmate of his, Aoi Hinami. Aoi was taken aback to learn that the inept Fumiya was behind the username "nanashi," and she became determined to assist him in winning the "greatest game of all." With Aoi's help, Fumiya begins to progress in the wonderful "game of life" by overcoming the harsh challenges of social interaction and human relationships.