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  • 23 chapters
    • Action
    • Fantasy
    • Isekai

    “One day, I realized that the pinnacle of magic is not something that just anyone can reach.”

    "The Sage of Wind, Ephtal is a reincarnated human, coming from modern Earth. Reincarnated in a new world where magic is real, he decides to devote the entirety of his life in the pursuit of magic. Despite his efforts, though, he discovers that he is absolutely talentless in magic, and breathed his last in anguish. ...But it isn’t the end for him just yet! He reincarnates once again bearing the same name, Ephtal, 400 years later. Having retained his knowledge and power, he steels his resolve and once again sets his sights for the peak of magic! However, in a surprising turn of events, he discovers that magic has terribly declined. In this era where powerful spells is a rarity, his talentless self is now completely unmatched! From the depths of powerlessness to the peak of power, the talentless but peerless mage's journey to the top starts now!"