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  • Chapters130
    • School Life
    • Drama
    • BL

    “Sitting in your office drinking tea... the student council is certainly cushy." "Join us if you think you're so great.”

    Lin Tian-Yu is the temperamental president of the student council and the disciplinary committee. Xu Ze is the carefree high school freshman on the basketball team. During a routine inspection, Tian-Yu catches Xu Ze sleeping during self-study and reprimands him. Their seemingly ordinary encounter ends up becoming an intense rivalry, later morphing into something resembling respect by the time Tian-Yu graduates. Years pass, and the two meet again. This time, they discover that the hate they once held might actually be something closer to love.

  • Chapters49
    • Romance
    • BL

    “The teacher isn't here yet. I don't mind giving you a lesson first.”

    They say loose lips sink ships. Guan Cheng's just gotten stuck with an elective he doesn't really want: Latin dance class. So on the first day, he says to a friend "isn't Latin dance just about twists and turns?" This captures the attention of an eavesdropping Yu Yunfei. In response, Yu Yunfei brushes past him whispering, "ignorant" and proceeds to wow the class with his dance moves. But as Guan Cheng watches in awe, he realizes something... He's seen Yu Yunfei before! But where??