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  • 40 chapters
    • Comedy
    • Action

    “I'll show you my prodigal ways!”

    I’m Li JinLong, and I’ve just reincarnated from present-day China to the Ming Dynasty! Everyone here has reincarnated themselves, and it’s all to fight monsters and level up?! Here’s the thing. They all have powers, while all I have is me, myself, and my money. With competition this fierce, how am I supposed to rise through the ranks and become the best fighter in the Ming Dynasty??

  • 21 chapters
    • Romance
    • Comedy

    “Sigh...there’s another ten million that I couldn’t spend. I’m going to get punished again. I hope the punishment is light this time...”

    Poor college student Lin Tian has spent his life so far subsisting on steamed rice and water. One day, he finds himself face down on the ground in the midst of a bank robbery! Suddenly, a magical system called “The Spendthrift” pops up with a mission: spend money to save himself and his fellow bank patrons, or die. And he succeeds! But The Spendthrift system isn’t done with him just yet. What will his next mission be? And how will this newfound cash change his whole life around??