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  • Chapters34
    • Comedy
    • Drama

    “I’ll never ever let you go... Welcome home.”

    Imagine if a child who had passed away suddenly reappeared, looking exactly as she did before. But what if it was all the doing of a shapeshifting tanuki? This isn't a reunion. She isn't real. And yet, her parents cling to the bittersweet lie. Experience a poignant tale of loss and longing from the author of "My Clueless First Friend".

  • Chapters224
    • School Life
    • Comedy

    “Innocent, honest, and thus invincible.”

    Nishimura Akane is a black sheep in her class, and not a day passes without her classmates picking on her. But Takada Taiyou is new and has no clue why they would treat her that way. Will his straightforward nature become a ray of sunshine in Nishimura's gloomy days? Let their wholesome story bring you back to the carefree times of your youth!