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  • Chapters136
    • School Life
    • Mystery

    “A mystery mired in murky darkness!”

    Everyone in Class 2-D of Kairei Private Middle School receives an e-mail at the beginning of the school year detailing a "class hierarchy." But the number one ranked Tsubaki Himeyama clears away the unrest this causes with her sunny disposition. Normalcy returns to the class... until Himeyama is found to have killed herself on campus. And once her classmates return from her funeral, they find suicide notes addressed to them on their desks! Will these notes expose the darkness class 2-D conceals?!

  • Chapters41
    • Drama
    • Mystery

    “No bird owner would ever willingly let his birds flee their cage.”

    Three guys and three girls enter a dilapidated amusement park in the hope of finding their missing friend. The Birdcage Castle is supposed to be abandoned... But now they find themselves locked inside and chained together. They'll have to work together to escape in pairs, or they won't escape at all!