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  • Chapters22
    • Romance

    “A woman on the battlefield is always looked down upon, but he was the only one to treat me as an equal...”

    In the kingdom of Alderia, First Princess Leone defies the norms by rejecting dresses for iron armor and serving her country as a knight general. Nicknamed the "Golden Lion," she is feared for her bold courage in battle. However, in the midst of a military conflict, Leone unexpectedly receives a proposal of marriage from Zergios, her enemy nation on the brink of collapse. Surprisingly, it comes from none other than Marshal Berthold, someone with whom she has clashed swords many times in the past. A man of few words and a brusque demeanor, Berthold's conversations with Leone mirror the exchanges between two seasoned military figures. Gradually, however, his straightforward approach begins to break down Leone's barriers. Where will this marriage take these two people whose lives have revolved around nothing but the sword?

  • Chapters22
    • Romance
    • Drama

    “The refined daughter of a Duke strikes back against the bizarre charges put on her...with the help of her Dear Brother, of course!”

    Catia has always hid her face under a mask during her days at the academy. Now, right in the middle of the graduation party, her fiancé the First Prince calls off their engagement, accusing her of being as mean-hearted as her ugly appearance. But he should've thought twice, because after all, who ever said beneath the mask was an ugly face?

  • Chapters26
    • Romance
    • Fantasy
    • Isekai

    “When time reverses itself, the Blue Rose Princess vows to fight against the cruel fate that awaits her...!”

    On the day of her execution, Vyaria wakes up to find time has reversed itself, making her seven years old again. Thinking of the events of her future, she is truly traumatized. Her first marriage to King Cain had been a cold and unhappy one. Each time she made an attempt to get closer to him, she had been faced with rejection, and the sudden appearance of a girl from another dimension had only increased Cain’s hostility towards Vyaria. Behind her back, everyone had called her the “Blue Rose Princess,” after the flower that symbolizes unattainable wishes. Knowing she would eventually be sentenced to death by her own husband, Vyaria is terrified when she is once again united with the young Cain. Is everything going to repeat itself? Is there really nothing she could do to change the future? As scared as she is, Vyaria vows to fight against her cruel fate in this second chance at life…!