Botanic Romance by 余生守时 快看漫画团队 54 chapters
  • Comedy
  • Slice of Life
  • BL
Botanic Romance by 余生守时 快看漫画团队 54 chapters Start
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“Shy cactus x happy-go-lucky tumbleweed!”

In a world where humans can get infected with a virus that gives them plant characteristics (botanomorphism), our cactus-esque protagonist, Zhu WuLiang, is faced with a dilemma. He loses his hair whenever he feels shy! Enter Hao Xiaofeng, WuLiang's tumbleweed-esque crush, whose carefree lifestyle involves getting blown away by the wind on a daily basis... Surely, this friendship is more than enough to throw a wrench into WuLiang's mundane life!

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