Red Velvet by Andrian Adilia 80 chapters Webtoon
  • School Life
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Slice of Life
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“Smoking in the school halls and coming within an inch of punching me...! Do you WANT to become a thug?!”

Sena is new in town. And he’s already on the teacher’s list of bad apples. Nadira, on the other hand, is a brainy, red-headed honor roll student with low self-esteem. The two are basically oil and water. However, when Sena fails his first test and accidentally crushes Nadira’s glasses on the way to the teacher’s office, the two find something in common: each other. Will Nadira help Sena stay on the straight and narrow? And will Sena help build Nadira’s confidence? Watch as these two get into antics that’ll shape the rest of their lives.

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