Sealed with Lips by fengyuziran/Ihuayue | Jiuchuan Comic/Kuaikan Comics 150 chapters Webtoon
  • Romance
  • Drama
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“If I can survive, I swear I will live in dignity, and I will let those who betrayed me pay the price.”

Experimented on and tortured by her cruel stepmother and sister, Shang Zhen is a scientist with no support system to rely on. To add insult to injury, she's engaged to Feng Xingyan, a man she desperately loves. But he doesn't seem to care for her in return. Upon her murder at the hands of her sister, she's reborn as her 18-year-old self, three years before her death! Determined to get revenge on those who hurt her, annul her engagement to Mr. Feng, and make everyone pay, she charts a new path. But is she too late??

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