The Ex by Jimsly, SASAXIADI 74 chapters
  • Romance
  • Drama
The Ex by Jimsly, SASAXIADI 74 chapters Start
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“I can change everything. All you have to do is follow my advice and you'll have hundreds of men at your beck and call.”

Love is war. It is a war without bloodshed, but it is still one that leaves you with countless scars. This the harsh reality that Hu Wen, a girl who views herself as plain, learns after she discovers that she was cheated on by her boyfriend. Broken-hearted, she receives a mysterious phone call one day. The caller claims that she's her from 10 years in the future, and she wants to teach her the art of love! This is the story of how Hu Wen changes into a better person, takes revenge on her ex, and gets back everything she once had!

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