Free Manhua, Week 14

by Comikey

Free week continues, with three series from Kuaikan that you can read for absolutely free until Monday (07/25/2022).

Sealed with Lips by fengyuziran/Ihuayue | Jiuchuan Comic/Kuaikan Comics

“If I can survive, I swear I will live in dignity, and I will let those who betrayed me pay the price.”

Experimented on and tortured by her cruel stepmother and sister, Shang Zhen is a scientist with no support system to rely on. To add insult to injury, she's engaged to Feng Xingyan, a man she desperately loves. But he doesn't seem to care for her in return. Upon her murder at the hands of her sister, she's reborn as her 18-year-old self, three years before her death! Determined to get revenge on those who hurt her, annul her engagement to Mr. Feng, and make everyone pay, she charts a new path. But is she too late??

Mint Couple by ANZO, Kuaikan Comics | Kuaikan Comics

“Joyful daily life with a boyfriend who has superpowers!”

After dating for a year, my boyfriend confessed to me that he has a special ability! Not only can he use it anytime I want, but he can also be summoned at will! A cute, forgetful girl and her boyfriend with superpowers—what kind of sweet and troublesome love story will they brew?

Devouring Realm by Little Immortal

“I won't let the same mistakes happen again.”

In his guild’s fight for supremacy over the Land of the God King, Qiu Lin loses all of his dearest friends, comrades, and the woman he loves. With his dying breath, he decides to honor their memory by sacrificing himself to destroy their enemies once and for all. When the dust clears, however, he realizes that he’s been thrown back in time—back to when everyone is still alive. Armed with the knowledge of the future, Qiu Lin resolves to do things better this time around.

Remember, these comics will be free for one week only, and then will go back to being locked. So be sure to read while you can!

So stay tuned for more—and happy reading!