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  • 10 chapters
    • Action
    • Mystery

    “So Chen Ge started exploring forbidden places to collect materials, incorporating elements from the scenes into his haunted house”

    Chen Ge inherited a haunted house from his missing parents, but the business was failing until he stumbled upon a mobile phone while tidying up the haunted house. This changed everything. The haunted house could be repaired or even expanded by completing daily tasks of varying difficulty assigned by the phone. So Chen Ge started exploring forbidden places to collect materials, incorporating elements from the scenes into his haunted house. With visitors screaming in terror, the haunted house quickly became popular. However, as the mission brought more benefits, hidden dangers began to emerge, and even the clues to his parents' disappearance seemed to be related to it...

  • 34 chapters
    • Action

    “The mana I protected throughout my entire past life... It's gone!”

    At 78 years old, Midran, an archmage, has at least a solid 50 years left to live. That’s more than enough time to reach the infamous 8th circle—a place only archmages dream to go. At present, it’s a journey that requires an enormous amount of mana and has proven to be physically impossible time and time, again. But alas, that’s a problem for another day. Sleep comes first. Then, he wakes up. Only it turns out he passed away in his slumber and has awoken in his next life as a child named Hyeon?! What the hell happened while he was asleep? And where did all his hard-earned mana go?!

  • 22 chapters
    • Action

    “To think that once upon a time, I slaughtered immortals, punished demons, and took over the underworld...!”

    Gu TianLang was once the infamous emperor of the underworld where he ruled over immortals and demons alike with an iron fist. Keyword here, “was.” When he incurs the wrath of the Heavenly Dao—an ancient ruler who has attained immortality and a demonic higher power—his people turn on him and lay siege to his castle. Surrounded and outnumbered, Gu TianLang gets ruthlessly and publicly stripped of his powers, smote, and dies. Only, thanks to a mysterious jade, he wakes up 500 years later! Will he be able to exact his revenge on the Heavenly Dao and get his kingdom back?!

  • 19 chapters
    • School Life
    • Romance
    • GL

    “You can have full reign over me, I'm all yours.”

    Kyoko and Miku are childhood friends attending the same high school. One day, Miku confesses her long-held love to Kyoko. What's more, Miku tells Kyoko that she doesn't have to respond right away, but that she wants her answer by graduation. Until then, Kyoko can do or say whatever she wants to Miku. A thrilling GL love experiment, begins...!

  • 79 chapters
    • Romance
    • Comedy

    “You expect me to believe that cute little boy was you?!”

    Already physically and mentally exhausted from long hours at work, bottom-tier corporate slave Yuri Hayama just got dumped by her potential husband-to-be. On top of that, while on her way home, she finds a little boy lying unconscious on the street! Unable to call for help, she takes him home for the night, but next thing she knows, she wakes up next to a hot guy?!

  • 30 chapters
    • Romance
    • Fantasy
    • Isekai

    “Being banished doesn't seem that bad if I'm with you.”

    Eufran D'italelle Bailey's fate was sealed the moment he extended a hand to Elana Ruthfett Forsythe after her engagement to Crown Prince Alphaldo was annulled. The very next day, the two got married without ever having spent a single date together and were banished from the kingdom. Well, what's done is done, and they decided to spend the rest of their lives relaxing at a ranch they set up in the neighboring country. That was until Elana remembered... This is the story of how one man became the banished villainess' husband and tells of his happiness mixed with some mild misfortune.

  • 88 chapters
    • Romance
    • Slice of Life

    “A love story involving a normal guy and his obsessive girlfriend.”

    Karuizawa Ryo is a third-year middle schooler who has a crush on a cute, smart, and popular girl named Omoi Miton. After hearing that Omoi is going to an all-girls high school, Karuizawa decides to confess his feelings to her. To his surprise, she agrees to date him! But... now what? Meanwhile, Omoi has everything planned from the get-go, including transferring to his high school, getting married in two years, and setting up insane rules for their relationship. Because of that, Karuizawa realizes what kind of a person Omoi truly is; a girl with an overwhelming obsession with relationships! Despite his concerns, their dating life begins, painting his high school life in a totally different color.

  • 38 chapters

    “Someone's trying to place a formation in the heart of their city?!”

    In this world, it's all about defeating demons. As such, ZhongKui and his student, QinXiang, have partnered up. And as they do, they gradually discover the strange reason for the sudden existence of demons in their world. Eventually, the two uncover a mystery lies at the heart of their city.

  • 156 chapters
    • Romance
    • Fantasy
    • BL

    “Don't go. Please don't leave me...”

    They were star-crossed lovers in their past lives. Upon meeting again in the next one, Li Zhu has become an aloof swordsman with no memories of their relationship together. Cang Yan, on the other hand, has become a domineering devil with undying loyalty to his former flame. Once Cang Yan realizes Li Zhu has no memories of their relationship, he decides to follow Li Zhu everywhere he goes. Come and follow this super sweet-as-candy series!

  • 104 chapters
    • Romance
    • Fantasy

    “Betrayed and murdered by her own husband and family, Iris's life flashes before her eyes - including her previous one in modern times! With this new knowledge, she returns to before she was ever married.”

    Determined to get revenge, Iris seeks help from the most eligible bachelor in the empire, Duke Valenciaga. His unexpected proposition for her: "Go out with me." Why did he pick her, and can this arrangement help her quest for vengeance?