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  • Chapters62
    • Romance

    “If I could just find more vampires, I might be able to find the cure. Then, I'll fulfill your dying wish.”

    Jeremiah has spent his entire life in hiding under different pseudonyms. All this as he desperately works to find a cure for the virus that turned him into a vampire all those centuries ago. But one day, his professor's daughter, Ava, discovers his secret. Will she still love him despite everything? And if he finds a cure, what then?

  • Chapters79
    • Romance
    • Drama

    “Even when he has the last chance to live or to confess how he feels for her, he still chooses her...”

    Confessing to your crush is supposed to be palpitating and beautiful, but what if it becomes a curse? You will disappear from this planet if you confess 100 times to the one you love, and they didn't say yes. When he first met her, he fell in love, with his true love of all time. In this life, he's revealed his feelings to her 99 times. Will he win her heart in the last chance he has?