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  • 116 chapters
    • Romance
    • Action

    “So what if he's hit rock bottom? At least he's still alive.”

    At the peak of his power as a Demon King personally selected by the Ancient Demon Emperor, Zhuo Yifan was betrayed and murdered by his trusted followers out of jealousy. He didn't expect get a second chance at life through reincarnating! Resolving to start anew, Yifan found himself trapped by his heart demon and became a butler of a lady from a declining family. Now a humble butler, how will he get along with his “Miss Heart Demon”? Will he be able to drag this fallen family back to the top together with him?

  • 85 chapters
    • Romance
    • Drama

    “She's become the possession of the greediest man in the city!”

    Because of a trade, she became the prey of the most powerful and dangerous man in Dongling. During the day, she lives the life of a normal girl. During the night, however... that's when she falls under his control. He pinched her chin, smiling intimidatingly and said: “I own all of Dongling City. Where do you think you can hide?”