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  • 88 chapters
    • Romance

    “How much money could a woman’s face be worth?”

    She was once queen. But when her face becomes partially disfigured in an accident, an imperial decree demotes Dongfang Ningxing to concubine. Not only that, but her younger sister takes her place as the new queen, while Dongfang Ningxing gets married off to the cold and brutal Prince Xueqin. And this second marriage is not a happy one, ending only in her death. Lucky for Dongfang Ningxing, her spirit is unwilling to fade away... it’s not her time yet! She still has work to do! So, Dongfang Ningxing gets a second chance. And this time, Dongfang Ningxing is ready. She must hone amazing talents, be the most beautiful in all the land, and must outmatch even the heavens! Will she succeed??

  • 21 chapters

    “Someone's trying to place a formation in the heart of their city?!”

    In this world, it's all about defeating demons. As such, ZhongKui and his student, QinXiang, have partnered up. And as they do, they gradually discover the strange reason for the sudden existence of demons in their world. Eventually, the two uncover a mystery lies at the heart of their city.