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  • 12 chapters
    • Drama
    • Suspense

    “"Are you sick?" "Well, I guess you could say that."”

    Osamu Hirota is an ordinary high school student. That is, until Soichi, a student from the next town over, takes him to a mysterious mansion with promises of meeting a seductress. Out walks a voluptuous woman named Miwako, who, as she undresses, reaches inside of Soichi and rips out his heart! The next day, Hirota awakens. Was it all a dream? Or have we just started to pull back the curtains on this dark and suspenseful story?

  • 10 chapters
    • Drama

    “Please let me still be your mom!!”

    On the surface, Ryota Miki, a middle schooler, seems to get along with his adoptive mother. But behind the scenes, she's terrified of her son's every move, and for good reason—he's secretly keeping track of her every mistake. Meanwhile, his classmate Kaoru Kasai is fed up with his helicopter mom, believing that she's the reason for his bullying. One day, Ryota saves Kaoru, and a troublesome friendship is born. Read this psycho-suspense about a boy obsessed with finding the perfect mother!