The Affair Club by UGC (Sasaki Akira) 90 chapters
  • Romance
  • Comedy
The Affair Club by UGC (Sasaki Akira) 90 chapters Start
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“My husband can cheat. Why can't I?”

Former corporate director, and graduate from a prestigious university, Chuan Tong finds herself stuck as a housewife, pregnant in a loveless marriage. After her husband pushes her down the stairs and causes a miscarriage, she ends up hospitalized. It's there that she meets a mysterious woman with a proposition: join our group. It's called, "The Affair Club." It's a club just for women looking for spicy affairs outside of marriage, who need help from other women to cover up the scandal. Will our heroine find love outside of marriage? Or will she get herself into more than she's bargained for?

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