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  • 44 chapters
    • Comedy
    • Action

    “I'll show you my prodigal ways!”

    I’m Li JinLong, and I’ve just reincarnated from present-day China to the Ming Dynasty! Everyone here has reincarnated themselves, and it’s all to fight monsters and level up?! Here’s the thing. They all have powers, while all I have is me, myself, and my money. With competition this fierce, how am I supposed to rise through the ranks and become the best fighter in the Ming Dynasty??

  • 45 chapters
    • Romance

    “If the world as a whole disrespects her, then the whole world shall tremble! Even if there's trouble, people will persevere!”

    She’s the undisputed number one martial artist, five years running. He’s a gorgeous superstar from a well-off family with fans worldwide. When she reincarnates as his fiancée, she gets a whole new slew of haters from his fanbase. But she’s not just gonna take it lying down! No. If the whole world has decided to hate her, then she’s going to make the whole world tremble!

  • 25 chapters

    “Someone's trying to place a formation in the heart of their city?!”

    In this world, it's all about defeating demons. As such, ZhongKui and his student, QinXiang, have partnered up. And as they do, they gradually discover the strange reason for the sudden existence of demons in their world. Eventually, the two uncover a mystery lies at the heart of their city.

  • 12 chapters
    • Action
    • Fantasy
    • Isekai

    “When he realized that he could only protect himself with power, he resolutely stepped onto the path to becoming an Immortal”

    When Qin Lie realized that he could only protect himself with power, he resolutely stepped onto the path to becoming an Immortal. He used blood to write an everlasting legend, demons and deities, a mortal transcending, outside the three realms, all could be seen!

  • 11 chapters
    • Action

    “To think that once upon a time, I slaughtered immortals, punished demons, and took over the underworld...!”

    Gu TianLang was once the infamous emperor of the underworld where he ruled over immortals and demons alike with an iron fist. Keyword here, “was.” When he incurs the wrath of the Heavenly Dao—an ancient ruler who has attained immortality and a demonic higher power—his people turn on him and lay siege to his castle. Surrounded and outnumbered, Gu TianLang gets ruthlessly and publicly stripped of his powers, smote, and dies. Only, thanks to a mysterious jade, he wakes up 500 years later! Will he be able to exact his revenge on the Heavenly Dao and get his kingdom back?!

  • 97 chapters
    • Romance

    “How much money could a woman’s face be worth?”

    She was once queen. But when her face becomes partially disfigured in an accident, an imperial decree demotes Dongfang Ningxing to concubine. Not only that, but her younger sister takes her place as the new queen, while Dongfang Ningxing gets married off to the cold and brutal Prince Xueqin. And this second marriage is not a happy one, ending only in her death. Lucky for Dongfang Ningxing, her spirit is unwilling to fade away... it’s not her time yet! She still has work to do! So, Dongfang Ningxing gets a second chance. And this time, Dongfang Ningxing is ready. She must hone amazing talents, be the most beautiful in all the land, and must outmatch even the heavens! Will she succeed??

  • 182 chapters
    • Romance

    “Uncle, who do you want me to lure in next?”

    He’s a master, a man of high status. One day, on a walk, he finds and picks up a feral wolf child named “Seven” from the Myriad of Shadows pavilion. But this is no ordinary child. So, he decides to make her his perfect specimen. However, a series of unfortunate events separate the two. Who would’ve thought that when they finally meet again, it’s in the palace with her dressed in the finest clothes, tip-toeing toward him, and whispering the most outrageous things in his ear?

  • 26 chapters
    • Romance
    • Comedy

    “Sigh...there’s another ten million that I couldn’t spend. I’m going to get punished again. I hope the punishment is light this time...”

    Poor college student Lin Tian has spent his life so far subsisting on steamed rice and water. One day, he finds himself face down on the ground in the midst of a bank robbery! Suddenly, a magical system called “The Spendthrift” pops up with a mission: spend money to save himself and his fellow bank patrons, or die. And he succeeds! But The Spendthrift system isn’t done with him just yet. What will his next mission be? And how will this newfound cash change his whole life around??

  • 56 chapters
    • School Life
    • Action

    “The war is on!”

    Every night, Jiang Xiao Ya has a recurring dream of the same mysterious man. He’s got fire-red hair and indescribable power. One day, by pure coincidence, she meets him in real life! As it turns out, this man has a very important job: he’s guarding ancient, dormant beasts called the “Creation of the Gods.” To make matters worse, Jiang Xiao Ya inexplicably inherits the powers of Jiang Zi Ya, and gets drawn into the battle against these ancient beasts. A tale that transcends time and space unfolds!

  • 42 chapters
    • Romance

    “One single needle will make him submit!”

    The only heir of the Heavenly Doctor Divine Needle Sect has been given a second chance at life! Yes, her clothes are blood-stained; yes, she’s horribly disfigured; and yes, she’s going to have to face off against the most elite member of the dynasty who’s also her ex-husband. But this time, she’s got the resolve and a plan. With her terrifying poison knowledge, she’s going to make him submit to her will. And after she does that? She’s going to help him take over the world.