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  • Chapters45
    • Romance
    • Drama

    “My dream is to see the drift ice in Hokkaido, let it carry me away... and disappear together with it.”

    To Rei, her business-motivated marriage is a hellish ordeal—a life shackled by control and forced attempts to conceive by her husband Masaichiro. Her only meager means of revenge are the birth control pills she takes in secret. However, even Rei has a ray of light in her life: a food truck she visits daily that is run by Mikio, a kind, handsome young man. The fleeting lunches with Mikio allow Rei to truly be herself. But her pills don't remain a secret for much longer, and Masaichiro forces her to quit her job upon their discovery. On her final day, when all hope of ever seeing Mikio again is seemingly lost... a man comes in to rob the bank she works at! From the moment Rei sees him, she is strangely drawn to him, kicking off their dramatic romance.

  • Chapters27
    • Romance
    • Fantasy

    “In a twist of fate, a nameless stage actor is thrust into the world of The Cursed Princess and the Shining Knight”

    Transformed into Sylvia Burrows, the play's leading actress, she is faced with the task of becoming a body double for Princess Michelle. However, she is aware of Sylvia's tragic fate—an execution at the hands of the merciless Crown Prince Oscar—and that's the one thing she absolutely refuses to sign up for! Yet, somehow, the Oscar in this alternate world begins to show interest in Sylvia... Could there be glimmer of hope for a better conclusion for her?

  • Chapters23
    • Romance
    • Slice of Life

    “I came to Tokyo to get away from the mafia!”

    The daughter of a mafia family escapes from Italy to Osaka after a big conflict. She dreams of having the perfect marriage but struggles with finding anyone because she always has thugs around for protection that scare everyone away.

  • Chapters50
    • Romance
    • Comedy

    “I’m a completely different person to who I was last week!”

    To pay off her family's debt, Ochako has to go on a diet! Her life-or-death struggle lasts for a week, but at the end of it, she transforms into a slender beauty! Now that she has lost her weight, is she about to find romance instead?!